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We offer a wide range of classes to suit every age & need.  

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 Puppy K & Play!!  New Classes begin April 2015!
For any puppy under 18 weeks of age!  Puppy class helps you to start out on the right paw.  You will be astonished by how much your puppy learns.  A great class for the entire family!  Enrollment in Puppy Class
includes 2 free ebooks by Dr. Ian Dunbar!

Basic Obedience & Manners   New Classes starting April 2015!
For dogs over 18 weeks of age.  This class is for any dog that has not attended class before
&  needs basic training.  

Better than Basic (Prerequisite: Basic Obedience)     New Classes starting April 2015!
A follow up class for owners & dogs that want to improve on the skills learned in Basic
Obedience & Manners.

Fun & Games with Fido  Class begins April 2015!
Fun filled class for experienced dogs!  Trainers & dogs learn how to teach new behaviors &
improve skills with games & obedience training..

Rally O    Class begins April 2015!        **NEW**  Tuesday Daytime class added!
AKC Rally is the new dog sport that is taking the nation by storm.  Owner & dog move through
courses at their own pace,  very similar to rally-style auto racing.

Therapy Dog Prep Class - April 2015 -  VERY Limited enrollment!
This class prepares the dog & handler team for the  Therapy Dog International Certification Test

Agility FUNdamentals    New Class starts Spring 2015 - tba!
This class is very limited in size!!
This workshop will introduce your dog to the sport of Agility!  You & your dog will have a
blast as you learn the FUNdamentals of agility training.  Prior training is required!

Breed Handling     New Class starting April 2015!
Prepares handlers and their up & coming Champions for the world of dog shows.  
Learn how to show  your dog to his best advantage.

Shake Rattle & Roll!   Trick Class - Coming Spring 2015!
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Students are introduced to clicker training
as they teach their dogs new behaviors like roll over, beg, paw, spin & more -- you are only
limited by your imagination!  - Enrollment Limited -

Competition Level Obedience   Begins April 2015!   **NEW**  Thursday Daytime class added!
                                  Drop Ins available - email for info!
This class is divided into 2 sections, Novice for those working towards their AKC
Companion Dog (CD) Title & Open/Utility for those working on their Companion Dog
Excellent (CDX) and/or Utility Dog (UD)  titles.  Very advanced training - students must
be instructor approved.  Drop Ins allowed - email for details!

First Aid for Dogs   Coming 2015!  
Learn how to care for your dog in an emergency, and how to tell when to take your
loyal friend to the veterinarian.

K9 Nosework  - NEW CLASSES start February 2015!!
This fun course will use your dog’s natural scenting ability.  If your dog
has a nose, they can participate. There are no obedience pre-requisites, but your dog does
have to be able to be crated  (please bring your own crate with cover) or stay quietly in your
car while other dogs take their turns.

Special Events  
Check here for new additions to our schedule, exciting seminars and MORE!

Private Sessions & Behavior Counseling
Are you having problems with your dog that you don't feel classes will address?  
Private training & Behavior Counseling is available in your home with Pat Tetrault.  
Call or email for details.  845-592-1688    email:

and more!!
At Top Notch, we believe that one should always try  new things, so check back
often to see what we are offering next!  
Top Notch Dog Training
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Top Notch Dog Training holds classes in Lagrangeville, NY and serves Dutchess County & the
entire Hudson Valley area.
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kindergarten, apdt, association of pet dog trainers, veterinarian recommendation, competition
obediencecompetition obedience
Why should you enroll your
puppy in class
4 months of age?

The AVMA  (American Veterinary
Medical Association) says:
"Obedience Training and
Socialization" ~
A MUST for every good family dog,
regardless of size or breed! Puppies
may start classes when they are as
young as 7-8 weeks old. Check with
your veterinarian for class

(to see full statement, click here)

Positive Training
Why positive training is better for
your dog?

The American Veterinary Society of
Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recently
released a position statement on the
use of punishment for behavior
modification (training), which
received some press from AAHA
(American Animal Hospital
Association -- looked to as the "gold
Top Notch Dog Training strongly
supports the AVSAB's statement
and joins with the AAHA in
supporting the position statement..

View the
American Veterinary Society
of Animal Behaviorist's
statement here.
Don't cheat yourself -
bring YOUR dog
to Top Notch
Dog Training ~
you both can learn
some new
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Family Pet Training

Behavior Counseling
Classes held at:
275C Emans Road,
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