Training Tips:

Be consistent
Don't repeat commands
Reward good behavior
Don't reward bad behavior
Be clear about what is right - (instead of harping on what's wrong)
Dogs are visual not verbal - They watch body language & visual
cues (hand signals)
To train a dog, you have to think like a dog!!
Your attention is a reward - if your dog gets your attention when
he is BAD more often than when he is good, he will be BAD more
Learn how to be your dog's
best friend!!
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Who is training who?
Training Tips:
The Top 10 Reasons your
 (are because you . . .)

1. Call you dog to you & when he
comes, do something he doesn’t like
(put in crate, give medicine, etc.)

2.  Call him in from outside, only to
end his play time & fun.

3. Call him to “Come” when you know
he won’t, and you can’t do anything to
enforce it.

4. Play “tag” – when he has stolen
something or done some- thing wrong,
chase him & teach him that he is
faster than you are & that you can’t
catch him. (
How fun for him!)

5. Let him play “keep away” instead of
teaching “fetch.”

6. Let him play off leash with other
dogs before he has been taught &
understands “Come.”

7. When he finally comes, yell at him.  
Put his leash on, take away his
freedom & let him know that you are
mad.  (of course, he thinks you are
mad because he came to you!  
about that!

8. Teach him that you don’t mean  
“Come” NOW - you mean  “if/when
you feel like it”

9. Don’t teach him to come ON LEASH
before “trying it” off leash.

10. Don’t tell him he’s great or give
him a reward when he does come –
after all, that’s what he should have
done in the first place!
Top Notch Dog Training holds classes in Wappingers
Falls, NY  and serves Dutchess County, the entire
Hudson Valley & NY Metro area.
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the first time you call him?

Do you feel like you & the dog are
speaking a different language?
(you are!)

Is Fido taking YOU for a walk?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, consider
taking Fido to a
training class  where you can learn how to be in
control using positive, relationship based training.

If you are having specific behavior problems, consider one on
one counseling in your home, where the
problem is occurring.

For more information on in home training, contact:
Pat Tetrault - 845-592-1688