Private, in home training and behavior consultations  are also
available.  For more information on rates and availability,
please contact
Pat Tetrault at
topnotchdogs@optonline.net or 845-592-1688
We are always glad to hear from our students about how Top Notch has
helped them and their dogs!  Here are just a few of the letters & emails
we have received:
Top Notch Dog Training   -   845-592-1688
Top Notch Dogs, LLC
Gracie, Barry and I want to thank you so much for all of your help!  Our pet adoption
experience might not have been so pleasant without you.   Gracie is so smart and loves to
do the exercises you taught us and learn new things too.  We still need a lot of work on
recalls, but look at her sit and stay!

We were humbled and speechless by your awarding
Gracie the "most improved dog". She has come a long
way and we're all making improvements every day -
we can't believe we've only had her for 5 months!

Anyway, THANK YOU!  Have a great summer and
we hope to see you in the fall for another class.

All the best,
Sacha, Barry and Gracie

PS - Gracie went on to work as a model
in a Brooks Brothers advertisement!
I love the "Fun with Fido" class. Sandy and Freddie
make a great pair of instructors.  The class we have
really works well together.  We are all learning so
much, not just about dogs but to have fun with our pets.

Donna DiMarco
Pat & Aggie,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I've
enjoyed all of the classes I've taken the last two
years with Sandy and Freddie.  Oliver is really loving
his time spent as a therapy dog at the Baptist Home
in Rhinebeck.  I knew that a therapy dog would bring
Oliver would brighten the day of the staff.  When he
walks in the home every Tuesday morning, he's like
a celebrity!  Last week they even held a therapy dog
thank you party including dog treats and gifts!  I only
hope his sister, Sydney, passes her test this July.  I
just wanted you to both know how the training he
(and I) received brings joy to so many people.

Chris Grimaldi

I just want to thank you; I think you did an excellent
job training me!  It’s amazing where I use to have
such frustrations I now have understanding and
patience.  We now take nice calm walks around the
neighborhood twice a day and I have no back pain
from all the pulling and flying around like a kite
behind him. You guys have made a puppy and a
mom very happy!

Thanks again!
Donna & Duncan
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This class is outstanding! I've been
to another obedience class prior to
this and the difference is so true
professionals. It is very evident from
Day One that they have much
experience and understanding of
many types of dogs so they can
tailor the training to each.

I like the individual treatment that
each of the dogs get. We come to
class and are assigned to an
individual cubby with our dog so the
dogs keep away from each other and
can focus on their tasks. In the other
class that I attended there was a
"free play" where the dogs would be
taken off leash and allowed to run in
a room with all other dogs. The intent
was to teach socialization with other
dogs. However, my dog who is much
much smaller than most, was
traumatized by the experience as
many significantly larger dogs just
overwhelmed him.

The homework is a great
reinforcement for the lessons
learned in class and the homework
sheets and "tips" help the owners
stay focused on their tasks as they
build on new lessons each week. So
far, all of the exercises work very
well when practiced the way they are
taught! What a great way to build on
a lasting relationship with your dog,
developing good and safe habits
from the beginning. Thank You !
Mary Hurley-Weeks
Dear Pat,

I thought you'd appreciate this pic (of Pilot) doing a
down stay in the leaves..  He's a fast learner!

Mariellen Pangia
on a
Just a quick note to say Thank
you, thank you, thank you!  I don't
think Lulu and I would have made it
through doggie adolescence in one
piece if we hadn't attended your

I could write paragraphs on how
Lulu's behavior has improved, but
as the old saying goes, “a picture
is worth a thousand words.”  Here's
a picture of our granddaughter
working with Lulu (this would not
have been possible a few months

(They  make quite a team!)
-- Azalia & Lulu
"Tucker Weeks"
Oliver the Therapy Dog!
I'm writing to update you how Indy is
doing.  Right now Bandit the Sheltie
is barking at something outside, but
Indy is on the other side of the room
from me and is not joining the
barking. I can't thank you enough for
helping us with Indy! He seems much
happier, somewhat calmer, just in
general like his life is better.

We are taking each day as it comes
and taking every opportunity to
reinforce good behavior. I felt so
much better after your visit, my
outlook is much more positive now
that I see that there are solutions to
much better after your visit, my much
better after your visit, my outlook is
much more positive now outlook is
much more positive now that I see
that there are solutions to that I see
that there are solutions to Indy's
problems and that they are Indy's
problems and that they are doable.
My husband and I (and the rest of my
family) were very impressed with your
presence during our visit - I have
mentioned the experience to several
people, and have also "liked"
TopNotch on Facebook. I really,
really cannot find the right words to
express the hope you have given us,
and our gratitude for it. I am not sure
right now if we will be needing any
additional visits, but your number will
always be on our bulletin board!

Thank you again!
Sincerely, Katherine Kirsch
Dear Aggie:
I just want to tell you that I think you classes are great!  
I am still in shock how Vinny has done such a turn
around!!  He listens ALL the time!!  Funny thing
happend the other day.  My daughter helps me with
the homework.  So I told her we were going to start with
Leave It.  Well Vinny was standing next to us with a toy
in his mouth and he heard me say that, so he looked at
me then dropped the toy!  Me and my daughter could
not stop laughing. So a big THANK YOU for all your
help!!!!  Have a great summer and I will def see you in
the fall.
Thanks, Gina
bringing Sadie to your classes. We have been using
the techniques we learned and it has made a big
difference. Sadie is walking so well on a leash now  
that one of us can walk her together with our older
dog. Sadie used to be so difficult that we walked them
one at a time. It is now much less frustrating for us to
manage her behavior and we are really able to enjoy

Thanks!   Enjoy the rest of your Summer!
Evelyn & Jim DuBois
I was completely serious yesterday
when I told you and Sandy that
Toby (and especially I) couldn't
have passed the test, or even
learned how to walk at our
respective ends of the leash,
without the patient and experienced
instruction from the two of you over
the past year.  And you made it a
very well last night, but then he
always does.

If I don't see you at Click and Trick,
enjoy your company and vacation.  
And Thelma and I will be at Fun with
Fido in September with bells on.

Finn is a 2 year old Goldendoodle
that I have had the pleasure of
raising since he was 8 weeks old.
He has been a student at Top
Notch since that time, learning all
the correct procedures that
enabled him to become a certified
therapy dog with TDI International.

We volunteer as a team 2 days a
week at 3 local rehab/nursing
homes and he does a wonderful
job in bringing smiles to all the
patients.  When he gets his
bandana on, he knows that he is
in a working mode and can't wait
to get to the building.

A big "THANK YOU" to all at Top
Notch for the excellent training.

Vicki Vincent