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Dr. Ian Dunbar
At Top Notch Dog Training, we LOVE puppies & puppy
owners! When you begin training a puppy, you are
working with a clean slate.  No bad habits to undo!

Here are some of the benefits of taking your puppy to
Puppy K & Play!!:

  1. When you begin training with your new pup you
    are molding the puppy into the dog you want him
    to become.
  2. Training creates a life long bond with your pup.
  3. Puppy socialization has been found to be critical
    to the psychological health of adult dogs. Puppy
    classes provide the opportunity for this important
    facet of your puppy’s upbringing.
  4. You will stop bad behaviors before they begin
  5. Questions that you may have about raising your
    puppy can be answered by experienced

Left side:  Before you get your puppy

Right side:  After you get your puppy